Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cosmos 1st time Solo Arena Rank #1

Hey guys, small victory dance for me in Wartune as I reach Solo Arena Rank #1 on my server which is the first time ever for me. No pots, scrolls or anything naughty like that :) Before my highest was rank 3 i think, but could not break into the rank 1, but today that job is done and one of the things you can see is wooot 800k gold and 800k daru every 3 days for the top ranked person - that's nearly 7 times more than the average player.

Now I know I will not keep this rank - this is just a test of own strength and I have been recommending testing your strength on Solo Arena in Wartune all the time instead of sending me emails "Am I strong enough".

What does rank 1 tell me? More than anything it tells that I am good enough to go to any dungeon or any event with the top people and they shouldn't complain too much :)

P.S. I thought by the time i write this post someone would have knocked me off from the podium but i am still standing :)

P.P.S. I finally got a decent head clothing from synthesis of level 1 pumpkin and fashion core.

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