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HUGE Upcoming INFO Patches 2.15, 2.2A, 2.2B, 2.2C, 2.3, 2.4, Wartune 2, 1.1

Hi guys, here we have a VERY long but very interesting post about the upcoming changes in Wartune. This post has MULTIPLE patches and GAME CHANGES one after another explained.

So let's jump right into the cool and fun stuff we are going to get in Wartune and I just want to say special HUGE thank you to Brent T. for his nice contribution with this information. EDIT: Looks like Brent T. cheated me and this info in fact was prepared by hockeystar0169 which he posted on the kongregate forum.

We start with patch 2.15 or part 3 of patch 2.1.

The estimated arrival is somewhere in January 2014

New Event – Circuit Quests. 

Player may complete up to 200 circuit quests per week, gaining 800,000 gold, 4,000,000 daru, and 640 soul crystals for completing all 200. Additional rewards at 50, 100, and 150.

Added 80 PVE equipment

Added 80 MP dungeon (Normal and Nightmare)

Added 80 Solo Dungeon

Amount of exp needed from level 71-80 is lowered

Increased warehouse capacity

Amethyst Mine

Added a 10 sec protection to both players after a battle

Guild and Mystery Shops

Added Level 80 Legend Stones

New Level 80-90 Mobs

2.2 (Released in China 1 Month after 2.15)

Battle Guardian System

Open to players Level 50 or 55+. Helps out in battles, and defends against Souls. Includes a resistance. There are 6 types of Battle Guardians. Upgrades through crystals that can be upgraded through synthesis. Crystals can be obtained through Lost Treasure Maps (below)

Lost Treasure

Teams of 4 Lvl 50+ can get a treasure map, follow it to a location, fight a mob, and be rewarded. There are 4 types of treasure maps, Gold (Highest), Silver, Dark Iron, and Bronze (worst) and rewards depend on which you receive. Balens can be used to get a different map.

Team Mode

Players can team up and use team chat. Max of 4 players. Teammates show up on map for you to see their location. Teammates cannot attack each other including in Islands Map, Amethyst Mine, etc…

Individual Guild Battle Rewards – Changed to:

  • Win Under 20 Min – 1,000 Honor, 1,150 Insignia, 50 Mount Training Whips, 1,000 Guild Contribution
  • Win Between 20 – 40 Min – 850 Honor, 950 Insignia, 40 Mount Training Whips, 850 Guild Contribution
  • Win Longer than 40 Min – 700 Honor, 750 Insignia, 30 Mount Training Whips, 700 Guild Contribution

  • Lose Under 20 Min – 400 Honor, 450 Insignia, 10 Mount Training Whips, 400 Guild Contribution
  • Lose Between 20 – 40 Min – 450 Honor, 550 Insignia, 15 Mount Training Whips, 450 Guild Contribution
  • Lose Longer than 40 Min – 500 Honor, 650 Insignia, 20 Mount Training Whips, 500 Guild Contribution

Final Guild Wars Rankings Rewards – Changed to (Seems the same to me):

  • 1st – 30 Mount Training Whips, 200 Soul Crystals
  • 2nd – 20 Mount Training Whips, 150 Soul Crystals
  • 3rd – 10 Mount Training Whips, 100 Soul Crystals
  • 4th and 5th – 90 Soul Crystals
  • 6th and 7th – 80 Soul Crystals
  • 8th – 70 Soul Crystals

2.2 Continued

Class War Changes – 

  • Preliminaries – ALL FIGHTS – Win = 270 points, Lose = 135 Points
  • Finals – Top 16 into Upper Bracket (If tie for 16th place a random draw is done). All players fight all 15 others and the winner is decided by this.
  • 17-100 – 15 Fights, winners face winners, losers face losers, etc…and everyone ends with a place.

Bonus Glory Crystal For Places (1st – 3rd still get titles/mount):

  • 1st – 5,000
  • 2nd – 4,600
  • 3rd – 4,200
  • 4th – 5th – 4,000
  • 6th – 8th – 3,800
  • 9th – 12th – 3,600
  • 13th – 16th – 3,400
  • 17th (1st in 2nd bracket) – 3,200
  • 18th – 3,000
  • 19th – 2,800
  • 20th – 36th – 2,600
  • 37th – 56th – 2,400
  • 57th – 76th – 2,200
  • 77th – 100th – 2,000

Server Bonus Exp – For 7 Days after Class Wars Ends (best result for server, not combined):

  • Player in 1st-10th place – Server gains 50% exp
  • Player in 11th-20th place – Server gains 40% exp
  • Player in 21st-30th place – Server gains 30% exp

#1 From Each Class War gets a statue in the middle of Sky City for players to pray to. 

Max number of Souls you can carry is increased

Tank Events

Cannot be entered in last 5 minutes (Like Battlegrounds now)

Daily Events – New page


Slight tweaks to stats

When PM’ing offline friends, a mail is opened for you.

2.2 Part 2 (Released in China 1 Month after 2.2 Part 1)

New Quests

An NPC in Sky City will randomly have quests for you throughout the day

VIP Shop

A special Shop for VIP players Only. Discounted items will be here and change from time to time.

VIP Privileges

All Levels have slight adjustments to VIP Privileges.

Pack Changes

Adjustments to the first recharge and normal recharge packs

2.3 (Released in China 1 Month after 2.2 Part 2)

Added new SP Event

Path to the Vault of Heaven

Solo Arena

Attempts reduced to 10, rewards doubled. You can pay for 10 more attempts.

3v3 Arena

Attempts reduced to 15, rewards doubled.

Changes made to Divine Altar

Guild Leaders can now start at level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 35. Top Rankings Rewards Increased 5×.

2 New Slyphs:

Medusa & Triton. (see my detailed post called Sylph Upgrades and Strategies).

2.4 (Released in China 1 Month after 2.3)

Clothing Stats

Players can add the major stats to their clothing through the use of fashion debris, shards, and chests. These work much like gems on your equipment as there are different levels of these items and multiple pieces can be upgraded to the next level.

New Honor Ranks

2 New Honor Ranks added after Lord Divine. Medallions added for these ranks too (I cannot see the exact honor level amounts).

New Dragon Soul System

Normal obtained after the completion of the task “dragon egg” hatching dragon eggs get Dragon Soul, feeding Dragon Soul Dragon Soul to war. Advanced mode opening soon with Advanced level tasks.

Wartune 2 (Not 2.0) (Released in China 1 Month after 2.4)

Advanced Career Paths

Player must be level 80 and have a certain Honor Level (Hard to tell which). Complete a few tasks and get access to the Following:

Advanced Fate System

New Title, Special graphics, POSSIBLY a free mount.

Advanced Astrals

Players can consume gold to get bonus astral stats. 2 New Astral Slots

Advanced Skill Tree

It seems you get more skill points, but the exact number is unknown. See Knight Example Below

Advanced Soul Engraving

Once you have gotten Soul Engraving level 80 you can go even farther! You need “Soul Imprints” from the “Flame Temple” (See Below for event description)

Refined Mounts

Each mount can be refined and has different refine requirement amounts. VIP Only Mounts, and time limit mounts (Class Wars Evil Unicorn) are excluded. You need “Animal Hoof’s” from “Tiamat Invasion” (See Below for event description)

God Cast System

ONLY for Level 80 Epic items – You can add more stats through a new type of synthesis. Each piece of equipment has a specific stat that can be synthesized. Items needed: “Vulcan’s Hammer” from Cross Server Guild Battles (See Below for event description), and Vulcan’s Fire from failed synthesis.

Advanced Battlegrounds

Same Battlegrounds rules, but only for advanced players. New map

Wartune 2 Continued 

Non-Advanced System Changes

Flame Temple

15 v 15 PVP Battleground. 20 Min Length. Open 13:00 – 23:00
There are 3 Totem Poles. A player can take a flag (15 seconds to pick up) from their base to a totem and place it (15 seconds to place). Each totem under control earns the team points.

Tiamat Invasion

MP Boss Fight Map – Costs 60 Stamina to join. Go with a team of up to 4. 20 Bosses appear in Ascending Order of Strength. Once you kill one the previous, the next will appear. Time Limit of 20 minutes, players dead have a 30 second resurrection cd before fighting again. Similar to fighting World Boss, the other 3 players help lower the hp. Drops are determined by random dice rolls.

Cross Server Guild Battles

7 Week Season. Fights every Saturday (Sunday for Class War weeks) to not interfere with normal Guild Battles. Guild Leader MUST register (this costs guild contribution). When 24 or more Guilds Register a League is formed. If an odd number of Guilds, 1 Guild will get a bye each week, get some sort of lucky prize (It’s confusing right now)

>Weeks 1-4 – Preliminary Rounds. Matchups are random. Score is the final Guild Points each side has at the end of the guild battle. Rankings at the end of Week 4 is your TOTAL score from all 4 Guild Battles.

>Weeks 5-7 – Finals – 4 Brackets based on Preliminary Round Rankings. #1-8 = Diamond Group, #9-16 = Gold Group, #17-24 = Silver Group, #25+ = Iron Group. Diamond – Silver Groups have Bracket Guild Battle such as normal Guild Battles. Iron Group faces similar ranked Guilds.

>Battle Process – 40 Players per Guild. Guild Leader/Assistant Leaders can select 10 teams of 4. Players can collect up to 100 resources and bring them back to their base for points. If player is killed, other side gets 10% of the resource point value. There are 5 Guard Towers, each start neutral and can be occupied by 1 team of 4 at any one time. When destroyed they take 2 minutes to revive and come back as neutral again. Every so often the Guild gets points for occupying these. Each Guild may summon up to 5 chariots. These chariots can go unmanned or players can enter it. Chariots can attack players, or other chariots. No Ward tower to attack, chariot goes around until destroyed. 10,000 Points is required to win the Guild Battle. King’s Seals are awarded for each individual battle, at the end of Preliminaries, and at the end of Finals and can be exchanged in the King Shop for Mount Cards, God Cast Vulcan’s Hammers, Soul Imprints/Stones, Gold Boxes, Sylphs, etc…King’s Seals are cleared before the next Season of Guild Battles, you cannot save them between seasons

Marriage System

Players above level 36 can get engaged. You must be friends to do this. One must buy the “Engagement Ring” in the mall to propose. If the proposal is refused you get the ring back. There are 3 weddings, small, medium, and large. The bigger the wedding, the greater the rewards. Once the wedding is set, you have the chapel for 2 hours. Once the wedding is complete, both players get a permanent buff, a wedding ring in place of the engagement ring and new skills. The wedding ring can be upgraded based on the player’s friendship. Players can complete married quests together up to 10 a day. Players get a special tree that can be harvested twice a day and watered every hour. If either player chooses to, they can spend balens to get a divorce. Both players will lose all Marriage buffs, skills, etc…

Exp required from level 40 – 80 is reduced

Reduced the amount of items needed for some items

Increased amount of Legendary Stones dropped

Cooldown times for Guild Building upgrades altered

Forgotten Catacombs difficulty decreased

Forgotten Catacombs now opened at Level 12

Mount System now opened at Level 16

Solo Arena now opened at Level 16

Astro System now opened at Level 18

Wartune 2 V1.1 (No number for this patch, so I am calling it 1.1)

Souls of the Island

4 Player battles against the former World Bosses. Open at 11:00 and 16:30. 2 or 3 different difficulty levels. Team has 30 min from the event start time to kill the boss. Rewards based on damage done. Resurrection time after death only 10 seconds.

Group Arena

Removed. Replaced with a 4 v 4 Team Arena. Entry times are the same, insignia rewards are the same, and the 15 battle limit is the same, but all players start in the Iron Group. Every week based on points players are then placed in Diamond (top), Gold, Silver, and Iron (bottom) groups based on last week’s points. At the end of the week, players get rewards based on their final ranking. As expected, the best rewards are for those in the Diamond Group.

Personalized Titles.

Lv 45+ can complete a Quest Chain and make their own title. Once completed, all titles add attributes, and each level adds to these attributes. Additional titles added:
  • Guild King – #1 Overall Guild
  • Torch Barren – Carry the torch to completion 10 times
  • Battlefield Winner – Win 3 straight Battlefield fights
  • Mech Master – Participate in 10 Tank Battles
  • Trial of God – Complete Tower of Kings Nightmare
  • Souls of War – Kill 1,000 Sylphs in the Sylph Atoll
  • Tiamat Experiance – Complete level 5 of the Tiamat Invasion
  • For Hero’s Only – Complete ALL Nightmare MP dungeons
  • Errand King – Complete 20 Bronze Treasure Maps
  • Planting Expert – Weed and Pest Control 100 times each
  • Soul Island Guardians – Souls of the Island Boss battle ranked team (#1?)

Sylphs can now use Runes and Holy Seal

New Advanced Rune System (See advanced system in WT 2)

Changed graphics for some skills

Easier to get level 20, 30 equip sets – Removed Broken Weapon Requirements

Added Clothing and Mounts

Clothing As of December 23rd 2013. Some weapons and wings used multiple times…

Mounts As of December 23rd 2013. NOTE: China does not have some of our mounts, so we may never see some of these

Note 2: The Names are DIRECT Translations, clearly most do not make sense, and will be changed for English release

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