Sunday, February 2, 2014

Haters in Wartune

Hey guys, i'm a bit sad writing this post but wanted to share the info with you anyways and give you my advice on it. As some of you have unfortunately encountered yourself there are angry and full of hate people in Wartune like there are in life. Actually I find games to be a good reflection of reality and most of the time how someone behaves in Wartune is most likely similar to how they are in real life since personality is strong and remains the same, so kind people in life are also kind in Wartune and visa versa.

Here below you will see a very unpleasant for me chat with a player called "spuntz" from my own server - Armor Games Server 2 Europe, guild: Dawgs, where I try to reason with him to show him that there is no reason behind his anger / hate against me, but unfortunately I was not successful to convince him to use rationality and logic instead of his hate. So as difficult as it is for me also to follow my own advice, I want to advise you that when you meet players like this while playing Wartune or in real life:

  1. If you can control your own emotions in face of insults try to speak and reason with such people. Although rare, there is a small chance that they might understand that their actions are not nice.
  2. Otherwise, avoid them completely. Do not hang out with such people, do not let them into your life. And if they are part of your family then either stop seeing them or reduce the time that you have to meet them.
  3. Do not reply to their messages no matter how much you might want to because unless you can do point (1) it will turn into an insulting frenzy on both sides, which further motivates them.
  4. The most difficult point for anyone: You have to accept that even if hypothetically you are a Saint and you have only done good things for people, there will still be people who hate you, insult you and/or speak badly about you behind your back. Unfortunately that is how some people are.

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