Sunday, September 29, 2013

Various Interesting Future Screenshots

Hey guys I got a whole bunch of picture from Vlade who is spying around the Chinese servers :) and some comments from me and Lissandra, so here they are to share with you all sorts of various interesting screenshots:

First quick comments from Lissandra:
 - Arena Fights decreased to 15 battles ( 30 Insignia each win, 10 for each loss)
 - Multiplayer Attempts increased to 2 (here not clear if only on start date / day or more)
 - Guild Altar spinning seems to be possible to do all spins only for VIP level 6

I think these are the class wars winners

some fire outfits:

Future map arena entrance :) looks good the entrance doesn't it, but it seems this is visual only, as JoVon said the npc for GA/Arena and the npc for multi-player dungeons is located behind the bounty quest board

and here we got the bounty board to pick up quests:

and here the future map blacksmith I believe

EDIT: JoVon said: this is actually the Auction House/Mystery Shop

and this is a mini map of the entire area of the future map
(Lissandra: Skycity - The new main location for all players)

more outfits:

here we see an interesting feature where balens can be locked - I think this is just so you don't accidentally spend them by clicking yes on some menu option

EDIT: Hristijan/Shane said vouchers will be turned into locked balens after patch 2.0. With them non-cashers will be able to buy some cash stuff but they cant buy items that are on sale and things like this month autumn boxes.

and some mounts I think I posted these before

and finally another outfit

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