Saturday, September 21, 2013

Undefined's Archer Talent Advice

Hey guys, here is Undefined - a very strong archer and upon seeing my Wartune archer talent guide he gave me some feedback and I decided to publish his comments as a new post so that other archers can benefit also.

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Firstly here is Undefined's stats. As I said a strong archer, so let's see his advice:

I just saw your video on archer talents and wanted to comment a bit:

If you kill enemy troops with lunatic nearly, you don't need fury... it only decreases cool-down  not increases damage

I usually kill them with lunatic + 1 other hit. I recommend having fury level 1 though, for Tower of Kings 5 sec is a lot for 1 point, while 1 more second cool-down decrease is pretty useless.

The incendiary cool-down decrease is very useful and often is the difference between life and death if you are doing challenging stuff like Lych NM.

I recommend having it at least 1, in case someone is often playing solo archer in hard dungeons or spire, i would recommend making it 3 or 4.

dds talent would i recommend to make level 1, if you have a rage rune and good to very good stats

I took scrutiny just recently because i wanted to increase damage at World Boss and i am satisfied with it. it triggers a lot and 10% damage increase is awesome, or 19% at level 4... definitely worth it

Enrage is worth to make level 1 for WB if you have a PVE set

About potency i can't talk because it doesn't fit for my own skill build... but i would consider this (together with dds if you have no rage rune) the most useless archer talent

Finally my own build: at the moment i try to level up for BR event and stuff, my talents are:

  • HS 35, 
  • stealth 4, 
  • instinct 3, 
  • scrutiny 1, 
  • perception 1, 
  • fury 1

as soon as i am level 76 i will start talents again and aiming for:

  • stealth max, 
  • instinct max, 
  • scrutiny max, 
  • enrage 1, 
  • fury 1, 
  • redemption 1, 
  • perception 4 or 5

This may sound like a lot, but 5 levels of HS don't really make a difference for me, because i'm fighting the op guys from the older servers in arena and BG and their seal is 30 lvl higher than mine, so they stun me anyway

so... a lot of text... but after seeing the video i just had to comment that.

And thanks a lot for doing so Undefined and lastly for reference here I put below my video for the archer talents:

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