Monday, September 9, 2013

Upcoming Clothing - Arabic, Dragon, Gladiator, Indian, etc

Hey guys, here I share with you upcoming clothing which we will get sooner or later on our servers, which already exists on the Chinese Wartune server (has another name), so check them out and see which you like - put down in the comments your most favorite :)

And thanks to Zeli Knight Level 64 for sending me this information! Thanks for sharing!

 Archer Chinese
 Archer Cow Boy
 Archer Dragon
 Archer Gladiator
 Archer Halloween
 Archer Indian
 Black Flame Dragon Wing
 Cow Boy
 Farm Boy
 Farmer Girl
 Flame Dragon Wing
 Green Dragon Flame Wings
Warrior Gladiator
 Warrior Gothic + Rune sword
Warrior Halloween
Warrior Indian 
Warrior Chinese 
 Dragon Warrior
 Mage Chinese
 Mage Dragon
 Mage Halloween
 Rune Staff

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