Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vlameni - Half 70 Legendary Set Done - Server 3 Kongregate

(Posted on behalf of Vlameni)

Hello all, this is Vlameni, The Sweetheart from Kongregate server 3 Europe.
In this game anyone can play as they feel like, as to achieve the most fun out of it!
Well, my fun was to skip equipment set 60 pve and go straight from 55 to 70!

So far, I haven't seen anyone else who skipped 50 or 60 sets but my Battle Rating and my daily team were already high enough to skip it.

Sharing my thoughts about it:

Well, it has advantages and disadvantages!

Main disadvantage is:

Kill fast, or die from rage shortage!

What I love about it:

70 gear is only superior to 60 legendary when it is complete and also legendary,
so that means that for a long time still, even when Apollo gear comes out, i will be the only one with this outfit (^_^)

Play as you enjoy is my tip: Don't forget this is a game and while you play, don't forget to have fun (^_^)

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