Friday, April 25, 2014

Magic Pot Event April 2014

Hey guys, the Magic Pot is back! If you are curious you can refer to the drop rates in the last event which is located here: Magic Pot Drop Rates v2.

Otherwise, if not too hard email me the data for what you get from the magic pot in an easy format and i will collect it and report if it is different from the last time or the same.

The one thing they have overlooked is that anyone who already has Hades and/or the Wings will be a lot less tempted by this Magic Pot event and the other highlighted prizes like the level 5 gems or the roses is not something to lose sleep over :P

UPDATE: And it seems according to the forum announcement only Unbound Balens can be spent on the Magic Pot, so not for free players. And here is the full list of items in it: