Saturday, April 26, 2014

Don’t Fall into the Dirty Wager Trap

Hey guys, be careful and don't fall into the intentional or unintentional dirty trap in the Class Wars Wager system where it is stating in the Wager window that in the case of a loss you get the same amount that you have invested (which was also the case the Class Wars was first introduced), but actually according to the clarifications on the forum we have a confirmation to expect only 50% of the invested amount as in the last Class Wars Wager and not like the text says.

If you invest say 5000 balens in the Wager and get 50% rather than your hoped 100% I suppose you can go open a support ticket and complain about this after losing your money with no guarantees that your request will be respected, so better not lose the money in the first place.

This is really shameful job by those who worked on Class Wars. I actually think this was not intentional but then this means that they are doing their job with such a poor level of quality that such an obvious double-checking they do not bother to do.

So remember guys, both in Wartune and real life, when you do something, do it properly with a good quality or your reputation will be damaged.