Sunday, April 13, 2014

Funny Wartune Balenor Jokes

Hey guys, here are some very short Wartune / Balenor jokes - let me know in the comments which one you like the most or put a Wartune joke you heard or created for everyone to laugh (or email me I will add it).

(in no particular order)

God for us in Wartune is simply a level 80, 500k+ Battle Rating Chinese guy

So Jesus went to the dungeon, got killed, then resurrected and now he is famous - we do that every day in Balenor, but nobody cares!

You can do nothing with 2 baby wings, but 2 adult wings can make 1 baby
(I am not sure this one is technically correct :P but maybe it was referring to many months ago that you could buy a couple of wings and get a baby one as a bonus - who remembers? :P)

Every day, up to 3 times per day, prepare for the battle of your lifetime!

A free player said to the casher: "I'll kill you"

Lately, when I'm buying something in real life, I ask to the seller if he knows if there is an event soon.

- I hope i can make it top 100 :) so can get alpaca chicken or maybe piggy :D   
- sounds like you wanna be a farmer when you grow up :) hehehe

Love is like balens - some have a lot of it - others have none.

So, hehe, like i said, say in the comments which one made you laugh the most or which you liked the most and if you know of or can think of another Wartune joke or funny sentence, put it below or email me to add it.

UPDATE: Pan Accident added below: