Saturday, February 22, 2014

Status Cosmos Knight Level 80 Mage Level 58

Hey guys, here is a status report post on both my characters - Knight Level 80 and Mage Level 58 and, as always, my comments and tips and advice.

So first, I didn't post this yet, but here is my long awaited level up congrats screenshot when I became level 80 I think on the 25th of January:

So after that for about 1 month and right up to the February Class Wars I was finishing up collecting and enchanting my 70 set and I wanted to wait for that before posting the status because it looks awesome - I hide clothing now all the time, so here is my new look and my stats (200% Academy).

You will notice I focused a lot on MDEF to get that up as much as possible since Apollo, Gaia, Iris all do magic damage. I still have the rings as level 60, but for me those are really last priority - a few thousand health is nothing compared to the huge attacks I am receiving. The battle rating is beautifully just above 110k.

Next up the stats on my mage - you will notice that I am going for a full 50 legend set, again rings as last priority; then the 30 day medallion to conserve insignia as much as possible, although now that i got my equipment into legend i might start buying the more expensive ones. Also you notice a strong focus on MATK so I can earn more from the World Boss and kill opponents in Battlegrounds faster. Sockets are not fully done yet, I don't want to spend balens on the rods, so I am getting them slowly over time for free, got maybe 70% of what i need already.

Next, the pictures of my inventory, since people enjoy looking at the stuff that I have (or other people have) hehehe - let me know in the comments what is your biggest surprise or what you think is the coolest item(s) i have :)

and the bags of my mage as well where you will notice that anything to do with experience is stored in the guild vault because i am trying not to gain experience to hold level as much as possible:

Next up are the Astrals for both characters. Here you notice that i have gone to critical build on both characters partly cause its awesome and partly cause its a lot of fun to see the big damage numbers. On the Knight you see that last astral is really a wild card, I had illusion level 8, now i fed that to Guardian Angel which is giving me -40% critical received chance, which is also helpful in dungeons to get less crit hits from bosses. On the Mage you will notice I am absolutely unlucky and didn't get any nice astrals (got Blessed Health yellow 3 times - ridiculous) but I am trying to do the best with what I got raising Willpower to level 5 next.

...and lastly the sylphs that I have.

For my Knight I am really hesitating between Iris and Gaia. As I don't put money on my Knight I think for any free player / non-casher type of a player only 1 strong sylph is realistic to have. My Iris is 3 star blue already much closer to purple and also the benefits of Iris include the fact that in PvP she can pretty much 1 shot kill all the troops if they are alive (especially a good thing when thinking of the coming new stronger troops) and she is a fantastic friend to have when going to dungeons with your friends. While Gaia on the other hand is just super at one target killing. She is just somewhat risky in PvP that if you didn't manage to kill off the troops fast, which I think will happen more and more with the upcoming new troops then you will have a major problem of taking the risk with your delphic and hoping it will hit the player.

For my Mage life is easier, I used to have a blue Pan which was great as well and switched to Amazon when that came out as it is the best choice a mage can make since it's attack is PATK it munches through other mages like butter.