Monday, February 3, 2014

Big Spender Event: Estimated Bonus Balen Values

Hey guys, this is a post dedicated to all the balen spenders out there working to get you the most return for your spent balens in the Big Spender event. Right now in Wartune we have ongoing the Big Spender event where extra bonus items are given once you spend a certain amount of balens. So I figured to calculate their value and see which option will give you the best return for the spent balens.

In the analysis below you will see that I estimate the value of the items in balens and I check how much percent they are from the required spending amount. Interestingly the results are stable only on the top tiers but the 2nd tier gives the best return for the balens spent, so my recommendation will be, for those who want to participate in this event and are interested to get the most return back, to spend 5000 balens.

(click the image to enlarge to the full size if you want)