Monday, February 17, 2014

A Couple Notes on the Tormented Necropolis

(Posted by Eliatan) 

Hey you guys, a very common question I’ve been asked is “Am I strong enough to beat level 5/10 of Necropolis? I've saved up [insert number > 3] crypt keys so I can give it a shot.” 

The things I mention here are probably old news to more experienced players, but I think even if just for the sake of documentation, it might be good to have this post for beginner-intermediate players and the people who advise them.

The Tormented Necropolis is a very challenging series of 30 bosses, which becomes available once you defeat level 100 of Catacombs. The Crypt Shop says you need to complete levels 5 and 10 of the “underground labrynth” (aka Necropolis ... and it should be spelled "labyrinth") to be able to purchase the level 60 and 70 items, respectively.

Cosmos already has at least one video and blog post about fighting the monsters in Necropolis, so I'm not going to get into combat strategy here, but I do have a few other things I wanted to share on this topic. (If combat strategy is something you guys would be interested in, please drop me a comment, and I'll try to figure something out in the future)

A note on the wording in the shop -- even though it says you need to complete levels 5 and 10, you actually only have to reach these levels in order to open up the items in the shop. If this is a bug, it's a pretty fortunate one; beating the x5 levels (5, 10, 15, etc.) are very big hurdles. 

Especially since sylphs came into play, I don't really know what the stat requirements are for each level. So I think the easiest answer to "Am I strong enough?" is "Give it a go!"

With only the initial payment of 3 crypt keys, you can get one free attempt every day, for as long as you want. All you have to do is enter Necropolis and get as far as you can. After you die, revive and then immediately exit. Afterward, your screen should look something like this:

Each day you can click "Continue," try to beat whichever level you've been stuck on, and then after you die, revive and exit. You get exactly one free revive per day, if you attack one of the bosses again and lose, you'll need to pay 25 balens for every successive revive. 
Edit: a previous version of the post said that after the first 25 balens are paid, you can revive as many time as you want for that entry. I must've mixed something up, because I just tried on an alt and it does deduct with each revive. Sorry about that, and thank you everyone for the feedback!

The most important part about doing Necropolis is opening up items in the Crypt shop. The other rewards from this event are very mediocre considering the key cost (a lot of EXP, but no crypt tokens and stingy gems). I used the same set of 3 keys for Necropolis for a few months, until I passed level 14, and even after that I regret not waiting to at least pass level 15 (T_T) before resetting.

So my recommendation is to just have some fun! Start Necropolis whenever you want, and don't waste your crypt keys resetting it until you've completed the much higher levels.