Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Get More Crypt Tokens (VIP Only)

(Posted/Edited by Cosmos; tips from Asiana -  Kabam s34)

For level 60-70 gears getting more Crypt Tokens is really a pain in the arse !! (others issues being Legendary Stones and especially Crystaloids). The good news is that there's a way to gain some more tokens from our VIP Spin !! YES!!!

As we all know that we need 36 VIP tokens for the sure win of 500,000 and 60,000 and 20,000 gold rewards. But the fact is that we can actually gain also another extra 10 (or rarely 30) crypt tokens.

I've been testing with at least 600 VIP tokens and my conclusions are 100% accurate.

So here's how to do it:

(by the way, after the game updates, the refresh option helps alot !! - trust me)
1)  Open up your VIP Spin screen (duh~)
2)  Refresh (and keep refresh) until you see the 500K gold reward and the 10 crypt tokens together.
3)  Spin as you normally do. And Voila !!
There are a few scenarios which can occur which all depend on luck and patience (not really my virtue btw).

-      If you're really lucky you'll get to see 500k + 60k + 20k + 10 tokens + others stuff. Of course you will 100% get 500k + 60k + 20K + 10 tokens and other stuff (see image).

-      Just make sure you see 10 tokens + 500k and you're golden - anything in between are just bonus (i.e. 60k / 20k etc)

P/S: 500k always come last but sometimes it will come on 7th spot and last spot could either be 5 skeleton keys or 5 mount whips. SKIP them and you'll save a few more VIP tokens. (but that's me)


Super EPIC 30 tokens question !! 

Yes you can get them, but on a rare cases with super patience and epic luck!!

To get 30 crypt tokens - here's what you do:.
1)  Open up your VIP Spin screen (again, duh~)
2)  Refresh (and keep refresh) until you see 2 (TWO) 30 tokens
3)  Spin them and you MIGHT get 1 of the 30 tokens
* "MIGHT" because I've only did this once and without any 500k gold.

Do this at your own risk - else just stick to the 10 tokens method.

EDIT: Update: Thanks to Radim here is another rare case where you can actually earn 40 crypt tokens but it requires a lot of refreshing + luck + patience.