Monday, February 3, 2014

Mailbox Hoarding!

(Posted by Eliatan -- 2013 graduate of the COSMOS School of Hoarding)

Hey you guys, I was getting a little low on bag space after the recent unlimited mount whip event, so I decided to take the opportunity to talk about using your mailbox to store items.

Using the game mailbox is a great way to save some backup gold from world boss rewards. As long as you don't click on them, mail messages do not expire for 30 days (drops to 3 days once you view the contents).

This gold comes in handy so that you can purchase things like talents, enchantments, and gem conversions on demand. I have a guildie who saved up so many pages of world boss prizes that some were down to only 1 day left on the expiration ... though that's a bit extreme ...

Space has been a little tight trying to save up soul crystals and things for all the events, so what I did was put all the items I wanted to go to mailbox into my vault:

Then I got kicked from my guild (and returned ^^ lol):

And this is what I have afterward!

A few words of caution:
  • Remember to spend all your contribution before asking to be kicked from your guild, or you'll lose whatever you had. 
  • *Knock on wood* I've never lost mailbox messages, but I've seen a couple people on the forums say they have. I wouldn't risk storing any items so precious that losing them to cyber space will setback your toon a lot (either a lot of time or a lot of money).
Hope this helps anyone crunched for space! Opening up rows in the bags is quite expensive after the change from vouchers to bound balens, so I think this is a valid option for players who missed that opportunity.