Thursday, June 12, 2014

So Many Promotion Packs...

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, there are so many new promotions in the past couple days! Wartune needs to settle down and give me a breather lol -- I don't understand who is supposed to buy all these pricy promotions at once.

I'll start out with the big No-No's that really aren't worth getting into too much.

Sepulcrum Packs
Like I've mentioned before about Mahra Packs versus Limited Mahra Packs, if you really want to fill out your sylph's aptitude, I'd wait out for a better deal. At about 20 balens per sepulcrum, these are pretty steep.

Insignia Packs
Ew. The only way they'd convince me to buy something like this is if they put in a chance at a mount I don't have :\ I also find it a bit unbelievable that insignias and crypt tokens are being valued equally (the basic reward from these packs is x25 insignias, and the Crypt Token Packs it was x25 tokens).

Seed Packs
Doubly EwEw.

Onto greener pastures.

Pony-in-pajamas, Jingle sweater, Possessed chicken.
Mount Packs
The Cloudcaller, Ostrich, and Impala mounts are for sale. Though the prices are steep for small to medium budget players, in general, cashing mounts is the most direct way to obtain useful BR. These mount packs come with varying amounts of whips with them also, which puts them at a marginally better value than purchasing the regular +10 stat mounts in the shop.

Wing Sale
For Kabam servers only, in celebration of Kabam's 100th server launch, there are wing packs for sale. This isn't bad for a new player getting their first set of wings, though usually they're discounted to 1395 balens, so waiting for an event for all of the servers might be a better bet.

Please share your thoughts! Best analogy for how pointless cashing seed packs is gets my ever-grateful giggles.

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