Monday, June 2, 2014

Fate Stone Event and Promotion Pack

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, we've got a nice Fate stone consumption event going on!

My brutal edge and resistance are both capped out, so I can't participate, but I sure wish I could -- the gold prizes are awesome and enchanting the level 80 gear is not T_T.

[Promotion] Fate Stone Pack
Duration: 6/2 - 6/4 23:59 (Server Time)

Fate Stone x2, Soul Crystal x10, Lvl. 1-5 Gme Pack x1
Price: 49 Balens. Limit of 100.

Fate Stone x10, Soul Crystal x50, Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x5

Price: 199 Balens. Limit of 20

There are fate stone packs for sale that I'd just stay clear of. If you didn't hoard fate stones and don't have 20 to consume for the event, it's a lot cheaper to go through Jewel Hunt.

Think of the luckiest punk on your friends list, and have them roll for you the next few days xD
If you get the 300 and 700 point prizes from Jewel hunt, you'll receive the 20 fate stones needed for the event. It's very doable for free, but even if you don't make it to 700, paying 150 balens for 10 extra turns (should be enough), is better than dropping 199 balens for only 10 fate stones (and they bundle it with other nonsense)!

Just for kicks, take a guess at how many fate stones are in my vault at the moment (that I can't use lol...), subtract that number from the true count revealed in the caption below, and let me know in the comments what you got! Valueless-yet-heartfelt-brownie-points to anyone that can get within a hundred xD
Link to the reveal: Elia's fate stone count

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