Thursday, June 5, 2014

Check Enemy Battle Rating when Plundering

Hey guys, it seems a lot of people don't know this about Plundering so you will be really surprised if you didn't know but you can check the battle rating of the person you plan to plunder without having to add them to your friends, etc. And for the less experienced players out there it is certainly a really good idea to check this otherwise you end up attacking someone much stronger and wasting your plunder attempt = no kyanite / gold for you like shown below:

So how do you go about checking your target before attacking? Simple, like I show you on the picture below, first click on attack so your character approaches the enemy castle and opens up the final confirmation window and once on that 2nd window the name of your enemy is actually clickable, so all you have to do is click his name instead of clicking on Attack and, voila, you can see his (or her) stats.

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