Saturday, June 21, 2014

Magic Pot Temptation!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, Magic Pot is out again! If they do it right, Magic Pot tends to be one of those events where cashers "magically" find themselves taking a crack at losing all sorts of money.

I was able to resist the last time this event was around, but I need someone to ban me from my own PayPal account to not at least try this one. I'm not super into glittery stuff (wings), but the x100 Fashion Cores O___O dayum, that's a lot of clothing refinement.

My guess is that if you do this event, you'll end up with a bunch of gold, daru, gem packs, and EXP scrolls. I'm also going to assume that knowing my luck, I would get that x200 fate stones that I don't need at all. May be worth mentioning that I've seen the system chat announcement for the x200 lvl. 2 refinement crystals several times now -- WOOHOO You've received 1/9th of a level 80 refinement!

My soon-to-probably-be-hypocritical advice is to avoid this event like the plague, because 65 balens per activation is quite steep. Put a sticky-note where the icon is on your screen or something >.<

For those of you that did go for it, what big prizes (if any) did you get, and how many activations did you use? I have a guildie that got his first pair of wings for free when they gave hammers that let you try without using balens. He's the same guy that drew a blue Iris on the first day of sylphs. If you have that kind of devil's luck, maybe you should consider it -__-