Monday, June 2, 2014

DanteMugetsu's Success, Class Wars and Tips

Hey guys, Dante sent me some pictures so here I share with everyone since he is one of the top guys and I will add a few words / tips with each.

First up congrats to Dante for getting the Podium spot! A lot of people might not realize - the competition among the top players is fierce, and it is not so easy to be the top guy, both in the time invested into playing the game as well as cash investments. It's a battle of wits, determination and wallets :)

This picture I like more because it's Dante standing next to his own statue which is really cool I think :)
It is also nice to see because 99% of Wartune players will not be able to do this themselves.

Next up is a very nice Class Wars Wager  winning picture. Actually this is the first one I see because mostly all my wagers on my casher mage account failed so I am more used to the failed picture. 9947 Glory Crystals reward here for Dante - really nice, congratulations again! But advice to other players - gambling is not a healthy road to success and should be done by people who don't mind to lose what they put in, because with that mindset you enjoy your time no matter if you win or lose.
Gz again! :)

And then a picture of Dante and his team beating the Spire. Small reminder that our top level for Spire is level 20. In the future we will have higher levels, but for now this is the top for the Western Wartune. Like with the podium picture, also 95%-99% of all players of Wartune will probably not reach this, so it is wonderful to see the picture and congratulate those who are able.

Lastly, I'll take this chance to post here my Class Wars video. I am certainly nowhere as powerful as Dante, but if you want to enjoy a pleasant video of my Level 80 Knight's May 2014 Class Wars then watch and remember that you can access all my blogs/sites/videos from one easy location: