Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Open Letter to Wartune to "Fix This Because I'm OCD"

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

As the self-appointed chair of Balenor's Bag and Vault Hygiene Committee I implore Wartune to address a grave travesty in their item design.

Clearly block gems either need to be technicolor or level 9 luck stones need to be completely purple. The matchy-ness of my bag organization is of the upmost importance to my sanity and the well-being of those I whine to about the injustices inflicted upon hoarders and obsessive compulsive organizers.

Given the prompt responses I receive for other such vital requests, I expect this issue will be addressed in the Maybe Never Patch which brings us:
  • Homestead
  • Those three other spots in our farms
  • Block scrolls (seeing as every other stat gets a scroll ... GRAHRAHRAH)
Tepid regards,