Sunday, May 24, 2015

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

Hey guys, in this 2nd version of the Black Box drop rates report I’ve collected 232 boxes’ data (compared to 58 in version 1), thanks also to lodaa from ngames S8 for sending 82 boxes of data, and so below I share with you the results from V2.

From the 10-30 range, I was really expecting to see a lot more of the 10 Blood of Zeus drops, but the data shows a totally different story. As a matter of fact, you see on the graph below that the most frequent by far is the 20 Blood of Zeus option with 42% chance of getting that compared to the other options (we got that 98 times out of 232). The 10 Blood of Zeus and the 30 are equally lower at 29% drop rate (we got those 67 times out of 232).

So in average if you open a Black Box you will get exactly 20 Blood of Zeus.

Are you surprised at these findings? Did you have a different experience? Write a comment at the bottom.

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

The Black Box in Wartune

Here just for the record is the screenshot of the Black Box and it’s synthesis window. It contains 10 to 30 Blood of Zeus (but only actually 3 options: 10, 20 and 30) and if you want to maximize this then you gotta put the maximum 9 deer in the farm (no horses at all) and plant a bunch of blue grass + i’d say 2-3 cows for the milk, don’t really need more for this purpose.

Black Box Blood of Zeus Wartune

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

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