Sunday, June 21, 2015

Eliatan's Class Wars Videos for June 2015

After 2 months of being in Warrior’s Hall (BR ranks 17-100), because I stubbornly wouldn’t upgrade my hunter Eudaemon (I’ve been waiting for an oracle), I finally caved and was in Warlord’s Hall (BR ranks 1-16) this month! I enjoyed the competition and even had fun getting beaten up a bit. A huge factor in PvP fights now are the influence stats; I spent a large portion of this finals stunned by my opponents’ Icebolts.


A big congratulations to all the winners! Solara finally won the mages again after a year of placing 2nd about as many times as I’ve placed 4th (a lot…). Mirandah has gained a ton of BR in recent months to snag her first Class Wars win. And Azrican claims what I think is now his 10th (TEN, ONE ZERO, TENTH, WHUTTT?) Eagle Eye title!


Check out my monthly toon overview and both of my Class Wars gameplay videos below!

Toon Overview



Eliatan's Class Wars Videos for June 2015

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