Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Questions Answered by EC Master (18 June 2015)

Dear EC Master, I have gathered 5 questions from our Wartune fans/players – would you please let us know the answers:

1. Why are new players and weaker/casual players not included in events like Gem Synthesis and Clothing Synthesis for lower level as we used to have in the past, like level 3, level 4, level 5? Now everything starts from level 5 or level 6 and the new players or weaker/casual players have a very difficult time.

  • EC Master: it will become available in the future, but new servers only.

2. What will be inside the next patch / game update?

  • EC Master: heaps of new features that need to be announced.

Questions Answered by EC Master3. Top BR / High Level players are concerned about the 2400 Divine Energy required to upgrade artifacts. It would take about 3 years to collect that amount – will you introduce other sources of income for Divine Energy?

  • EC Master: the development department is asking the game design for it

4. Will there be a BLITZ option for “cleaning up” conquered dimensions? With sooo many things to do in Wartune, we need help to do tasks and still manage to live our real life :)

  • EC Master: will be a suggestion to our team

5. Players who also play other games in addition to Wartune say that other games lag much much less than Wartune. Will you have solutions to greatly reduce the lag, because it is making a lot of people angry / quitting?

  • EC Master: they don’t have more ways to solve it

Thank you in advance,



If you have interesting questions that you want me to ask EC Master please put them down in the comments below (just name and question is enough, you don’t have to put email/website) and I will pick the best questions for the next Q&A round.

5 Questions Answered by EC Master (18 June 2015)

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