Monday, April 1, 2013

I become LEVEL 60! :)

Hey guys! It is a very important day in the life of COSMOS in Wartune! :) Level up to 60! A big turning point to the next chapter!! So to take a snapshot for the history / memory / sharing reasons I show below everything I have and my stats :)

Enjoy :)

First up a tribute to COSMOS :)

Next we got guild skills where I have maxed out the attack and defense and now working on endurance.

Here for the first time all the stuff that I have in my inventory and the guild vault :)
To already answer in advance the kind of questions I already receive about this - I have gathered most of this over the many months I am playing Wartune and also I am kind of cheap in spending so why I have so many runes is because I do not use them practically ever, etc. All my things are my precioussss :P

Next up my stats before the LEVEL 60 CATACOMBS jewely and rings on which I am working on right now and with Illusion astral so the battle rating is about 800 lower than it can be.

And last but not the least my skills and my talents. At level 60 I put the 1 skill point into the Enhanced Delphic Destroyer which I was waiting for a long long time!!! :) Then by level 64 I can max it out! :) Hopefully this will mean more earnings from WB and other events!