Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1.5 New Troops Recommendation - Templar vs. Warlock

Hey everyone! 1.5 patch part 2 is finally here and we have the troops which are the Templar and the Warlock! The question is of course which one to choose and in my video below I both explain the logic as well as show you exactly what I did!

Hint: TEMPLARS!!! :)


  1. thanks lavash for the video i was going to choose warlocks
    but now i will choose templers :))

  2. yeah dood thanks for the enlightment tips as well. i was confused on what it did but now i understand that its a good ting

  3. i enchantment the skill of templar T_T now i don't have bonus heal

  4. you mean enlightenment? ya you lose health which is very little but hopefully you got PATK or Defense! :)