Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rank 22 in duel gets me 275,000 gold and daru

Wow I managed to get my best ranking yet on the server DUEL in the arena and I got the rank 22 and I see amazing reward of 275,000 gold and the same amount of daru for that ranking! So you can imagine that the people who are on the top 10 spots in the DUEL ranking on the days of the reward collection are getting so much more income than others.

Although I did manage to get this rank i will certainly not keep it on the reward day as other stronger players will likely kick me out - still its nice to know i can get there as a non-cash player.

I also just asked in my guild and it seems you get 800,000 gold and daru for rank 1 and 2nd place gets you 600,000 gold and daru - wow! amazing!

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