Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scorpion Mount for free?

(Posted by Krishna- DolyGames Contributor.)

Hey guys, I just wanted to post some short info on the scorpion mount. We got many temporary mounts like the No1 Guild Master's, ToK, Class-Wars, and Jewel Hunt Mount, but in the Chinese Servers League Shop there is a 7 day duration scorpion for only 600 League insignias!

If you do arena everyday with a strong group in your level bracket, then you would have enough to buy this mount every week and other items in the League shop as well. This is really great for non-cashers and the more I post about Chinese updates, the more non-cashers will have hope.

Images of the Chinese League arena shop items if you haven't seen them anywhere before:

  • Frost Lion Mount added which is permanent for only 3,000 League Insignias.
  • The red potion in between the Runestone and scorpion mount is Kids' HP pack
  • More items will be added in the empty spaces soon.
I will update this post when new items will be updated in Chinese Wartune. Be sure to give us a like on Facebook to stay updated with our posts and updates!

So most of you guys may be wondering that if you have a permanent scorpion mount activated, can you active the temporary one? The answer is yes. The temporary scorpion mount stats add up to the permanent until the mount expires. That means you can train your mount further more, for the stats just like how people had recently with the new tower of kings mount.
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